via Eternal Life Fan Club
This is one of the most important concepts to understand about living forever/eternal life. That is, living forever is a NEVER ENDING PROCESS. Do not listen to anyone who says you can “know” or be “certain” that you will have an eternal life. That is absurd because we cannot know the future. As Kurzweil said, we can never say that we’ve “lived forever” because forever KEEPS GOING. When someone is overly confident of their eternal life or claims to be certain of it, I think they are usually deluding themselves as a way to cope with their own mortality. By pretending that their future is more secure than it really is, they can avoid having to think about the frightening prospect of death. Comforting as it may be, a coping mechanism does not prepare one for the harsh reality. The religious person who says “I know I’m saved”, and the new age person who says “death is an illusion”, or even the transhumanist who says “my immortality is inevitable via quantum archeology or mind-files”… All these people have one thing in common. Death is not a problem for these people, according to their worldview. If one believes their success is guaranteed, they are only setting themselves up for failure. It’s hard to prepare for challenges that one does not believe exist. I recommend to live honestly in the face of death, and to use your fear as fuel to supercharge your motivation to strive for perfection. Fear can be transformed into wise action, but you need to have that underlying fear to start with. And the fear comes from doubting your own eternal life. I think this community needs to be careful not to sugarcoat immortality. Living forever will be very hard, but it’s worth the effort because existence is a priceless commodity–even more valuable than freedom or happiness. #death #transhumanism #immortality #Kurzweil #liveforever

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