October 31, 2014 at 02:44PM

Do you remember when you were a child and you first learned about death? What was your reaction? Most children are terrified of death when they first learn about it, because they have not developed coping mechanisms for death. But adults are quick to rush in with twisted rationalizations for death or offer false promises of heaven. As they grow up, most children gradually lose their fear. Some even start to love death because they are wholeheartedly convinced that heaven awaits. It’s truly sad that they all might enter into oblivion when they die. Of course, they won’t know it because they’ll be dead. But that is precisely why it sucks for them.

I kinda understand where the religious people are coming from (I was once a believer myself — now an atheist)… At least religious people DESIRE an eternal life, although I strongly disagree with their strategy to attain it. What I do not understand is the atheist who says that eternal life would be some kind of curse (a common attitude amongst atheists). Essentially, they have NO PROBLEM with non-existence–they even prefer it. So they are much more daft than the religious people who are counting on heaven. I seriously wonder if these death-loving atheists have a case of the sour grapes, because they think eternal life is out of reach? That seems a likely explanation.

One thing is for sure. People hate to be afraid. If the Christian and the Muslim admitted that their afterlife is just wishful thinking, they’d have to be afraid of death. If the atheist admitted that non-existence was a bad thing, then they’d have to be afraid of death. The common denominator is that people HATE FEAR. People would rather delude themselves so they can be at peace with death. Personally, I think we should not be at peace. If I was at peace with death, I would not have been motivated to start this fan club. We should return to our childlike fears… Our fears tell us something very important — that death is EVIL and UNFAIR, and we must STRIVE for eternal life, against all odds.
And ounce your gone,
you can’t come back…
When you’re out of the blue,
and into the black…
~ Neil Young

Sadie Miller is a little girl who fears death. Please watch this awesome video while you reflect on your own childhood reaction to #death.
VIDEO: http://ift.tt/1nY8016 via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1096As9


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