November 04, 2014 at 07:08PM

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“Let’s choose life”, Maggie says.

I agree. If you have an illness — even if it seems fatal — you should always live for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, because there is always hope to be healed.

As the ancient philosopher Cicero said, “While the sick man has life, there is hope.”

Advice for the sick and dying: Explore every single possibility for treatment. Get all your friends to seek help and research possible treatments. Never give up. Never surrender to death! In case your health goes down hill, make sure your family knows that you want to be put on life-support for as long as possible (even in a comatose state).

And as a worst-case scenario backup plan, seriously consider signing up for Cryonics. It’s better than nothing (especially if you’re terminally ill).

However, if you’re in good health and you live prudently, consider donating all your money to SENS Research Foundation rather than a cryonics membership, because that will increase your chances of living forever by lessening the time it takes to reach Longevity escape velocity. At this point, since I am extremely healthy and live extremely safely, that’s my personal plan. Because of how healthy and safe my lifestyle is, I am almost certain I will not be in such a bad health situation that I will be wishing I was signed up for cryonics. I am extremely optimistic that we cure aging within the next 50 years if we all do our part to raise awareness and gain funding.

But like I said, if you are terminally ill (Brittany, I’m talking to you), by all means, you should sign up. If I get word of any fundraising projects for Brittany (or other terminally ill people) to sign up for cryonics, I will be more than happy to use this platform to raise awareness for it. What I hate most in life is seeing people die and lose their existence. The death of innocent people is the bane of my existence.

In summary: Suffering sucks. Death sucks more. There is no dignity in death, regardless of the circumstance. Death is the destroyer of everything, so Brittany, I hope you choose life, and I hope everyone chooses eternal life.

“Honestly, I really do get it, Brain cancer sucks in a really big way. It’s a beast that lurks and prowls… but you know what? Death sucks, too. It rips us from the people and the passions that we love the most.”

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