November 09, 2014 at 12:36PM

The permanent termination of your existence is a horrible and colossal failure. People do not take death seriously enough; they are in extreme denial. For the most part, people try to avoid talking about death or thinking about it… When they do talk about death, they use religion, romanticism, or humor to cope with it. People in general are desperate to attribute a positive value to death as a way to cope with it.

If people stopped sugarcoating death and acknowledged death for the enormous tragedy that it is, it would cause them emotional pain and fear. But it is my sincere opinion that this emotional pain and fear can be used to one’s benefit. There is nothing more powerful than being motivated by the fear of death and the will to survive, which at it’s core, is what it means to love life. When one is in love with life, then one naturally wants to unveil death for the true horror that it is. One wants to warn everyone to wake up and treat their eternal life with the reverence it deserves. The moment someone dies and ceases to exist, they have lost all value and meaning for themselves. Their life may have value in the hearts and minds of living people, but it’s of no consequence to the dead “person”. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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