November 14, 2014 at 01:36PM

“We’ve all heard the famous saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I tend to agree with those words. However, what often goes unmentioned is another truth about beauty: In order to experience beauty, we must be alive. We must have blood pumping through our veins. We must have air filling our lungs. We must have a working brain that is conscious of existence. All this is necessary to experience beauty. Without it, beauty would not exist for us.”
— Zoltan Istvan

I concur with Zoltan. Death is a tragedy of the highest magnitude because it robs us of our ability to experience anything… If you die and cease to exist, then you have catastrophically failed — you lost EVERYTHING…. There is no proof of an afterlife, so for the sake of your eternal life, just assume it doesn’t exist. This life is ALL YOU GET. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that we cure aging ASAP, so we are not forced into oblivion. Just imagine for a second, your life fading to irreversible blackness. What could be worse?!?!?

My favorite biologist Laura Deming once said, “I can’t imagine anything worse than not being alive…”

I have to agree with her on that. Death is not something to take lightly. Now is not the time to be relaxed. We’re in a LOT OF TROUBLE because of AGING. We have been in trouble since the day we were born because the universe is indifferent to our survival, as far as it appears… People die and it’s game over. Their body becomes compost and food for worms.

“Death is the mother of worms, eating your rotting body. Death makes your life worth nothing.”
— Maria Konovalenko

Could someone please explain the ultimate significance of life if all we get is a speck of existence which is then proceeded by infinite nothingness?!?

“The explicit awareness that you’re a breathing piece of defecating meat, destined to die and ultimately no more significant than, let’s say, a lizard or a potato, is not especially uplifting.”
— Sheldon Solomon

We need to start a massive movement and expose death for what it really is… Death is the greatest atrocity that ever existed and the most devastating insult to human dignity.

I think most people take existence for granted. Humanity needs to wake up and smell the roses. Or perhaps they should wake up and smell the burning human fat emanating from the crematories.

“It is unnatural for human beings to accept nature as it is…”
— Aubrey de Gray

Over 100,000 people are brutally murdered by aging every single day. If humanity wakes up, we can solve this problem and countless innocent lives can be spared. If you’re into the idea of saving lives, then you should really become an advocate for SENS Research Foundation.

If you want to save yourself and the rest of humanity from the worst possible fate of non-existence, please donate today:

“Any philosophy that accepts death must itself be considered dead, it’s questions meaningless, it’s consolations worn out.”
— Alan Harrington via Eternal Life Fan Club


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