November 21, 2014 at 01:19PM

Eternal life fans “deal with death” by avoiding it and trying our hardest to live forever physically by any means possible. Most people deal with death by making peace with it. That’s just silly and suicidal… and pathetic!!!

Dead people can’t have any fun — they get permanent nothingness. IT SUCKS! There is no way to rationalize death logically. It’s the worst thing EVER! It’s unbelievably TRAGIC!!! We must fight for Indefinite life extension and Protest to END AGING! This should be the focus of our lives, because our life will be worthless when we’re dead, so WE CAN’T DIE.

In many ways, our world worships death. They are in a trance of death-acceptance. We must fight this suicidal mentality and get people to snap out of it. PEOPLE, WAKE UP. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE MEANINGLESS FROM THAT POINT ON.

If you’re a fan of living forever, join the forum and share your thoughts:

TAGS: #transhumanism #death #immortality #liveforever #lifeextension #aging via Eternal Life Fan Club


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