November 21, 2014 at 02:54PM

I am very disappointed with many of my fellow atheists because of their suicidal attitude. Where is their instinct to survive? Why are they content with dying and CEASING TO EXIST!!!!? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone surrounded by masses of suicidal people who don’t value LIFE.

Just because there is no God (most likely), doesn’t mean we can’t get eternal life. We can give ourselves eternal life with technology. I think that WE CAN BECOME A GOD if we devote all our resources into science and technology to fight aging, entropy and existential threats. Humanism is worthless without TRANShumanism. Without technology, everyone is going to fade to black and possibly the entire universe will die in a heat death. We cannot let this happen.

Why are there no figureheads of the atheist movement that speak about the need to fight for indefinite-life extension? Why aren’t more atheists angry about this chaotic universe that will kill us all?

Here’s why:
Most atheists have convinced themselves that death is actually good and they don’t want an eternal life. Instead of aspiring to live forever, most of these people are placing value on “leaving a legacy” or having children. It’s a delusion. It’s all worthless if you die.

Here’s the truth:
Death makes your life meaningless! If you cease to exist, then it doesn’t matter what you accomplished in life. Even if you have thousands of children, it wouldn’t make a difference to you because you’d be dead.

If the thought of oblivion does not piss you off, then you have no self-respect and I do not respect you either. I have decided that I am going to ridicule my fellow atheists as much as we ridicule religion. No more playing nice. You’re all going to be judged, starting with Mr. David Silverman. He’s pathetic.

TAGS: #atheism #transhumanism #death #dying #oblivion #aging via Eternal Life Fan Club


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