November 26, 2014 at 01:21PM

It’s OK to diverge from the masses of suicidal zombies who so readily accept death. It’s awesome that you take your health seriously. It’s awesome that you’re curious to see what the future holds! Never apologize for being a fan of eternal life! Death is not beautiful. LIFE is beautiful!!!

While they are being eaten by worms, we’ll be enjoying LIFE, and we’ll have an infinite amount of time (hopefully) to perfect this world and make it the way we want it to be.

There’s no reason it can’t happen if we believe in this dream and diligently work to make it a reality!

“Diverge from mediocrity! Stand up for what you believe in! Don’t conform!”
~ Shailene Woodley

Divergent:: Part 1:: ►

Tags: #Divergent #movie #quote #future #transhumanism via Eternal Life Fan Club


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