New Video! – END DEATH – Cryonics Convention – David Pizer Interview

Table of Contents (Subjects discussed)

0:31 Pizer’s history with cryonics
6:16 Ending death
9:05 Robert Ettenger
10:48 Will cryonics work?
12:25 Longevity Escape Velocity
16:20 32:25 The Venturist Society
20:30 Why people don’t sign up for cryonics
22:15 The evil of nature
23:20 coping mechanisms for death
24:32 legal death vs biological death
30:20 What David Pizer enjoys most about life.
35:50 Fear of death
40:14 God
42:19 Atheism
45:45 The Future
52:08 Killing Death
55:47 Death makes life meaningless

A selection of from the interview by David Pizer:

“Real men fear death.”

“A lot of things in nature are really great and then the rest of nature sucks.”

“You need to change the things that are natural that are not good for us.”

“Not doing things to prolong and extend your life is a passive form of suicide”

“Everything that you thought in your life was important becomes meaningless and nothing at the point of death.”


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