November 27, 2014 at 03:28PM

“The future that we hold is so unclear”
That’s a lyric from a new Selena Gomez song that has gone viral. The lyric reminds me of the great struggle of eternal life fans.

We have to live with the pain of uncertainty and the never ending threat of oblivion. We have no security! It’s extremely scary to live in a fleshly body that is so vulnerable to death and aging. This is why it’s crucial that we become activists for transhumanist medical technologies!!! NATURE and TIME are against us! (

We should also be uncompromising perfectionists when it comes to our health and safety… We can’t pretend like there is anything but this ONE LIFE.

Many people can’t handle the treacherous nature of reality so they create a fantasy by pretending that their eternal life is “secure”. This is mostly a religious idea but it bleeds into the new age movement with the idea of the “immortal soul”).

Don’t believe it for a second! The concept of eternity takes place in the UNKNOWN FUTURE — so by it’s nature, eternal life is inescapably insecure and fragile. I wish it wasn’t this way! I wish I had security but it’s a delusion.

If you are anything like me, then all of this uncertainty probably causes you enormous emotional pain. In my case, I have learned to channel this pain and use it to my advantage. I recommend you do the same because comforting yourself with lies will not help you survive. Fear helps you survive by motivating you to ACT. If we do nothing we will be killed by nature! So then Eternal Life Fans, I urge you to FIGHT for our FUTURE — FOR ETERNAL LIFE!

Make sure that your friends know that you are a staunch advocate of SENS Research Foundation. Convince anyone you can to donate:

Every dollar makes a difference!

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