November 27, 2014 at 12:50PM

Today I had the great pleasure to chat with the creators of Death is Wrong!

Watch the Interview here:

Subjects we discussed:

0:41 William Shatner wants to live forever?
5:34 Ex Machina
6:40 Dystopian transhumanist themes
9:38 the sour grapes effect
11:09 Jurassic Park and genetic modification
17:50 safety of genetic modified foods
25:11 Gamification and health
31:20 Methionine Restriction
32:07 Transhumanist Music
35:18 Video games!
42:40 selfishness vs altruism
43:00 Nihilism, Oblivion
46:50 Meaning of life
48:30 helping people
54:58 Life-extension advocacy via Eternal Life Fan Club


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