December 09, 2014 at 12:03PM

Zoltan Istvan needs to be president! No other political candidate will take the issue of anti-aging seriously but we can trust that Zoltan will. I encourage all Eternal Life Fans to help Zoltan with his political campaign in whatever way you can. If we work hard enough, we can have Zoltan as our president and we can finally put an end to involuntary death from aging! No longer will humans be forced to suffer and die from old age. I will keep you updated on what you can do to help. For now, please share this post and tell all your friends and family why you want Zoltan for President.

Please familiarize yourself with the goals of the Transhumanist party. As stated by Istvan, the Transhumanist party has three primary goals as its political agenda:

1) Attempt to do everything possible to make it so this country’s amazing scientists and technologists have resources to overcome human death and aging within 15–20 years—a goal an increasing number of leading scientists think is reachable.

2) Create a cultural mindset in America that embracing and producing radical technology and science is in the best interest of our nation and species.

3) Create national and global safeguards and programs that protect people against abusive technology and other possible planetary perils we might face as we transition into the transhumanist era.”

Now watch this video where Zoltan explains some of the basics of this campaign during his recent interview with Joe Rogan:

Also, please like the Transhumanist Party on facebook: ►

Thanks for helping!

TAGS: #transhumanism #aging #health via Eternal Life Fan Club


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