February 07, 2015 at 01:44PM

The governments of the world should unite for the cause of indefinite life extension! Nothing is more destructive to human life and happiness than aging! As of right now, aging is not a priority for most governments – partly because most people are religious and think dying from old age is desirable. We need to change the culture to have less faith in God and the afterlife. Part of our job as eternal life fans should be to ridicule religion and cast doubt in people’s minds. As long as people believe in God, they won’t fear death as much as they should fear it. And these fearless people are going to vote for presidential candidates that don’t care about extending human life.

Most religions are counterproductive to the cause of Indefinite life extension. Zoltan Istvan explains why: http://ift.tt/1DOwBuO

People’s faith in God is a bigger problem than you might think. We have to face the tyranny of the majority. Zoltan Istvan estimates that one trillion dollars of government spending is enough money to cure aging in ten years (http://ift.tt/1A07OGN) ….. There is enough money to cure aging, but we’re all being bullied into our own deaths. You can just add this to the many evils that religion causes. There is an active movement that wants to prevent us from living forever and we have to put up a fight!

Right now the government has the power to save us or deny us access to indefinite life extension. We rely on the government for our salvation, so you could say the government is our God and unlike the Christian God, we have the power to bend the Government to suit our own desires. After we use the government to cure aging, we can then focus on using the government power to solve all other existential threats. In order for government to solve these problems, it would be helpful if all governments were united, for the sole purpose of protecting human life.

IMAGE QUOTE/ “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”
– Thomas Jefferson

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