February 15, 2015 at 12:06PM

Woody Allen gets it. Death makes life meaningless and 99 percent of people are desperately trying to deny this painful truth. Imagine for a second that you cease to exist for the rest of eternity. Nothing you ever did would even matter. You need a consciousness for anything to matter. Leaving a legacy after you die benefits other people while they exist, but it does NOTHING to benefit YOURSELF. The only way to have success is to never die, because that’s the only way you can continue to benefit yourself. It’s absurd to care about the well-being of other people in a universe where you don’t exist. We are INDIVIDUALS. Unless you can preserve your individual consciousness forever, then you failed completely. Having an attitude that is concerned with “leaving the world better off than you left it” is just another way that people cope with death. It’s a lie. Society and tradition tries to convince us that we should be content with sacrificing ourselves for the sake of future generations. That’s nonsense! WE are what matter most — not future people.

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4 thoughts on “February 15, 2015 at 12:06PM”

  1. Interesting thoughts…

    However, there are many assumptions here. First of all, no one knows what happens when you die. There is no definitive way to find this out other than dying and seeing what it’s like (consciousness continues), or simply ceasing to exist (no consciousness continues), in which case you wouldn’t know anything anyway.

    Also, why is life meaningless unless you live forever? How does living forever make it any more meaningful? I think you want there to be some grand meaning to what is going on here, and this is where your fear of death comes from, but really, all meanings are just a figment of the imagination. Likewise, saying life is meaningless is also a figment of the imagination. Whatever we think is a figment of the imagination in fact because it is only in our heads. We cannot know the truth other than the one we believe in.

    You say we are individuals, but that is very misguided and is simply a product of the current ideology of capitalism. Who makes your clothes? Who gave birth to you? Where do you get your food from? Who built your house? What about the roads you use every day? Who taught you how to read and write? Did you know that the human body and brain cannot even develop properly unless we have a certain number of social relationships? There are no individuals – we all rely on each other.

    Realize that you live in an individualistic country (a Western country I assume). If you were to ask someone in an Eastern country about this, they would have the exact opposite opinion to you. So, who is correct?

    I look forward to your reply 🙂


    1. I agree that no one knows what happens when you die, and I don’t want to find out.

      Why is life meaningless unless I live forever? Because what’s the point of existing between 2 points of endless oblivion? It seems meaningless to me.

      We each exist as a unique individual consciousness because we each have a different brain. The most important goal is to preserve our brain and make sure we never die! If we die, then we can never exist EVER AGAIN. Doesn’t that suck?


      1. You say that you don’t know what happens when you die, but then you say that you cease to exist when you die, and that you never exist again – this is a contradiction.

        Why don’t you want to find out what happens when you die? You would find out the answer to one of the most profound questions ever! Or not, if you just cease to exist, in which case you wouldn’t care about your existence anymore.

        It is not the end that matters – you are alive now so don’t focus on the end. Life is like music – you enjoy it whilst the music is playing, and the focus isn’t on getting to the end. Otherwise, people would just compose endings of songs! If the end is your focus, then you miss the whole song (or life, in this analogy). It is the journey that matters, not the destination.

        Even if you could transplant your consciousness into a robot, your end is still guaranteed because the universe itself will end – it is not eternal, according to modern science. Nothing lasts forever and it is a mistake to want to cling on to things that don’t last forever – it just causes endless suffering. To think you can live forever is to not be in touch with reality – everything comes to an end because this entire universe is impermanent.

        I think people should stop clinging to life so much – it all comes from fear, and that is no way to live. It makes it such a chore to be alive if you place such a great importance on life. Be like a child instead and take each day as it comes – for, you could die any time, and it would be such a waste for you to have been alive without ever truly living.


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