March 03, 2015 at 01:33PM

I urge you to take the red pill.

I wish there was a God. I wish, I wish, I wish! That’s all it is though — a WISH. Personally, I think God is a LIE that is too good to be true… The way I see it is, people invented God because they were afraid of death.

Eternal life is an extremely difficult thing to achieve. Living in a fantasy doesn’t help the situation. Of course I’m not saying I know for sure that God doesn’t exist. It’s possible but there’s no evidence so I assume it’s not real. But just in case there is a God — I wouldn’t want to anger such a powerful Being… So I imagine for myself what the hypothetical “rules” might be and act accordingly. If there is a God, I doubt He/She/It would care that I am an atheist because it’s not even my choice. My brain has involuntary decided not to believe in any God(s) and I can’t help it. I think we evolved from pond scum over billions of years and we must save ourselves from death because there is no God and nature is indifferent. Our situation is bleak, but there is still hope. If all goes well, one day we could finish our evolution and turn ourselves into beings with God-like powers.

My brain has also decided that eternal life is the most important goal. If I die, then my life was meaningless. Leaving a legacy is COMPLETELY worthless to me. EVERYTHING is worthless if you die. If I were to die and cease to exist, I wouldn’t care if all the evidence of my existence was also erased and the Men In Black came by with a Neuralyzer and erased the memory of everyone that ever knew me.

So that’s basically why I am an Eternal Life Fan. How about you? via Eternal Life Fan Club


2 thoughts on “March 03, 2015 at 01:33PM”

  1. The blue pill only exists because you think it exists, if you think it exists.

    Eternal life isn’t going to happen for you, or likely for your grandchildren. So where else would you look to find meaning? Infinite time might be nice, but isn’t it what you spend that time on that gives it meaning– and if so, on what?

    Just thoughts.



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