March 10, 2015 at 08:41PM

Most of what people consider “philosophy” is just a mess of convoluted delusions to help people cope with death and the notion of “leaving a legacy” is no exception.

For the rational person, there is no coping with death and there is no consolation if you fail to live forever. It’s like Willy Wonka said: “YOU GET NOTHING” ( …Think honestly about the ultimate meaning of your life and you might reach the same conclusion as me. There is no point to life if your existence eventually hits a wall. Eventual non-existence — regardless of how long you lived — would make your life meaningless. From the moment you cease to exist, you can never experience anything EVER AGAIN and it wouldn’t make a difference if you were the most famous person on earth or if you had thousands of children. The gravity of this horrifying truth should cause our survival instinct to kick into full gear.

To be concerned about your residual impact on a universe that you won’t exist in (if you were to cease to exist) is illogical — it makes no difference to the person who doesn’t exist. Rather, SURVIVAL should be our concern. Symbolic immortality is not just the low hanging fruit — it’s more like a plastic decorative fruit — it’s fake immortality that’s worthless.

One might argue that this philosophy will make people behave badly or become ambivalent about making contributions to society. But a smart person would realize that as long as they are still alive then they still have hope to live forever and contributing to society is therefore still useful. Leaving a legacy is not even useful as a contingency plan. In fact, to delude yourself in that way would only lower your odds of living forever because you’re going to be less motivated to survive at all costs. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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