March 16, 2015 at 07:02PM

A common slogan of atheists is that we have a “personal relationship with reality.” But do we really? I see many of my fellow atheists doing their best to deny the reality that life is meaningless if it ends with oblivion.

Hitchen’s quote perfectly exemplifies our tragic situation as mortal creatures who are cursed with aging and disease. Great atheist thinkers like Hitchens, Dawkins, and Sam Harris all do a wonderful job of ripping apart the delusions of religious people but they fail to admit the tragedy of the human condition and they fail to point out Indefinite life extension as being a viable solution.

While religious people pacify themselves with wishful thinking of an afterlife, atheists are forced to deal with the hard reality, either by creating our own delusional coping mechanisms, or actually fighting against entropy and death.

Though it’s much harder to live forever in the confines of an atheistic universe, it’s STILL POSSIBLE. Science and technology can potentially rescue us from death.

If God is dead, then it’s time to acknowledge the consequences of a dead God. It means that we humans have to create a new God, and that God might as well be ETERNAL LIFE or anything that can give us eternal life. Eternal life is the only God worth worshiping because if our life doesn’t last forever then it was only sound and fury that signified nothing.

In other words, the philosophy of nihilism is correct IF death is inevitable. If living forever wasn’t possible, then there would be no reason to do anything. Regardless of what we accomplished, the end equation would be the same: NOTHINGNESS. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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