March 22, 2015 at 11:26AM

It’s time for humanity to take charge of our own evolution. The natural process of evolution has failed us. Evolution has given us bodies that get old and die but science and technology has the potential to save us.

Death is wrong!
The death-positive movement is wrong.
Teaching children to expect an afterlife is wrong.
Symbolic immortality is a lie.
If you die and cease to exist then you failed at life.
There’s no such thing as “aging gracefully” or “dying with dignity”.
Suicidal people are weak-minded.
People who don’t want to live forever don’t appreciate life.
God’s are unproven hypothetical conjecture.
Most religions are massive death cults.
Smart people fear death.
Death makes life completely meaningless.
The circle of life is really the circle of death.
People who think eternal life is impossible have no imagination.
Eternal Life is a priceless treasure! via Eternal Life Fan Club


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