March 23, 2015 at 07:28PM

In my opinion, the main objective of transhumanism is to facilitate humanity becoming rulers of the universe as opposed to humanity being at the mercy of the indifferent forces of nature.

Transhumanism is about preserving VALUE IN THE UNIVERSE.

The greatest value of all is human life. The most basic human right is the right to exist and stay alive. This is why the most important goal of transhumanism is to end involuntary death.

Technology is our friend and it will help us have world peace. With enough power and technology, nothing could stop us from living forever. But if we’re going to reach this ideal, the first thing we’ll need to accomplish is the end of aging!

We can reach this goal by supporting SENS Foundation as well as by supporting the Transhumanist Party.

More pages to support:
1. MILE – Movement for Indefinite Life Extension
2. Advocate of Negligible senescence
3. Protest to END AGING
4. Death is Wrong via Eternal Life Fan Club


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