March 25, 2015 at 11:35AM

We are in a full-fledged war against ageism. These words of Richard Lamm are reprehensible because they embody a prejudice attitude — that the life of old people is not as valuable as the life of young people. When someone talks like this we must harshly judge and ridicule their blasphemy in a public forum. Richard Lamm should be ashamed of himself as well as anyone else that opposes Indefinite life extension. If anyone wants to die from old age, that is their right, but it is highly immoral to influence society as a whole to be less concerned with offering the best possible medical care to elderly people.

If old people had the option for a longer life, many would take it. It is our duty to give them that option.

Is a younger life worth more? That is what we’ve been told. But a person’s a person no matter how old. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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