March 28, 2015 at 04:27PM

Recently I watched the movie #Insurgent and this line from the movie really grabbed my attention.

I think most people in the world are pretending to be brave in the face of death. But deep down, I bet they are scared like little children. I don’t even pretend to be brave. I am terrified so why should I pretend to be brave? What’s the point of lying and being in denial about the tragedy? Maybe if more people could just admit their fear of death without feeling shame, then we could all start fighting death together.

You see, in order to defeat death, more people still need to WAKE UP and admit that DEATH IS THE ENEMY. As long as people fail to see death as the enemy, they won’t care about finding a scientific solution for death.

Too many people are still in denial. They are victims of Stockholm syndrome — they defend death like a battered woman attempts to make excuses for her abusive partner.

We need to reconnect with our childlike fear and admit that fear is completely logical and rational. Our fear of death shows that we still have a strong survival instinct. WE LOVE LIFE.

Instead of suppressing our fear of death like the rest of the world, we need to be DIVERGENT and be honest about the true nightmare of death. This will give others permission to do the same. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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