May 05, 2015 at 01:49PM

Think about the horrors that will eventually transpire for each individual unless we cure aging. Once a person dies, then everything is meaningless for that person because one needs a consciousness to have meaning.

As an atheist, I hold to the philosophy of naturalism which asserts that consciousness is a product of the physical brain, and there is no soul that survives death. As long as there is no proof of the soul, I think the most honest and reasonable position to have is naturalism. If naturalism is right, it is indeed a horrible truth. We’re born — then we grow up and die. Nothing lasts… and in the end… WE GET NOTHING. If we are forced into eventual non-existence, everything is utterly pointless and absurd.

How terrible that each of our precious lives is eventually annihilated. The problem of aging and all other causes of involuntary death trumps everything else because death robs us of EVERYTHING. This is the nightmare we’re living in. Entropy is the greatest enemy of us all… Transhumanism is about bringing order and safety to a chaotic and indifferent universe… The ultimate goal is to create a universe where NO ONE IS EVER FORCED TO DIE.

And the first barrier to creating such a universe is AGING. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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