May 20, 2015 at 09:38AM

If Thanatophobia is a mental disorder, then call me crazy. The fear of death is my superpower. If I didn’t have a strong fear of death I probably wouldn’t be alive. Fear of death keeps me from doing anything stupid that would jeopardize my health and safety. Smoking, overeating, flying in planes, dangerous sports, sexual promiscuity, engaging in various unethical behaviors — you name it — fear prevents me from doing stupid things and fear is my friend. I’m not saying I don’t have other reasons for avoiding these risky behaviors, but fear is definitely high on the list.

Looking back, the moments I regret most in life are the moments when I didn’t HAVE ENOUGH fear of death. I think a lot of problems would be solved if everyone had extreme fear of death. I think there would be less violence and war because everyone would be too afraid to commit a crime or engage in any violence, including becoming a soldier. I think that most every dumb behavior that humans engage in can usually be traced back to a lack of fear.

Thanatophobia stems from the desire for self-preservation and a selfish need to survive, which I believe is a good thing. Many problems are actually caused when people are willing to engage in self-sacrificing behaviors done in the name of altruism. When someone is willing to sacrifice themselves for some “greater cause”, that person becomes dangerous, because they can be manipulated to do evil things… Whereas, if they had a self-preserving fear of death, they would never stray from their own self-interest, and therefore, they would never do anything evil. Because it is ALWAYS in your own self-interest to behave entirely ethically at all times. But someone who is acting according to self-sacrificial altruism can be tricked into doing stupid unethical things, meanwhile, believing they are a “hero”. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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