May 26, 2015 at 10:26AM

If you are reading this, then you possess the most valuable treasure there is — that is, being ALIVE. And with this treasure comes amazing OPPORTUNITY. I think one of the best things about living forever is that you get the opportunity to be a HERO forever. Helping people FEELS GREAT, but you can’t experience this feeling if you don’t exist….

If you are alive in 2015, then you have a special opportunity to be a hero for the elderly. The villainy of nature far surpasses the most brutal genocidal psychopath that ever existed. 100,000 elderly are being slaughtered in an evolutionary holocaust. This barbaric massacre of innocent people has been called “the circle of life” — but I prefer to call it the circle of DEATH.

One day in the future, during the coming age of indefinite life extension when aging is a thing of the past, it may very well be that no one will ever have an opportunity to save as many lives as we can right now… And millions of years from now, we could look back and say that we were part of the greatest humanitarian mission of all time. If you help cure aging one day sooner, you would be a FAR GREATER hero than Schindler. Never think for a second that YOU can’t be the hero of this story — this epic drama — this nightmarish tragedy that we’re living through. #Protest to END AGING via Eternal Life Fan Club


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