June 23, 2015 at 01:09PM

The passing of time is a very scary thing because no one knows for sure when science will conquer aging and death… Aging threatens to rob us of EVERYTHING we have or could have. We need to put pressure on our leaders and demand more funding for life-extension research. It is the job of government to protect it’s people from death, and AGING CAUSES MORE DEATH THAN ANYTHING. Governments of the world should UNITE for the common cause of conquering death. Indefinite life extension should be provided for every citizen of the planet.

The main reason people embrace religious fairy tales is because they think they will inevitably die one day. Once Indefinite life extension is achieved, there will be a massive paradigm shift. When people have the ability to live forever on earth, the insanity of religion will naturally fade away and people will embrace rationality and peace. We can literally create a heaven on earth.

I look forward to the day when time is no longer an enemy. via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1QOpqO7


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