July 01, 2015 at 08:01PM

Not everything should be accepted gracefully. We should not accept abusive people in our lives, nor should we accept abuses at the hands of nature such as aging. Every old person on earth is a VICTIM of physical abuse. Metaphorically speaking, they are in an abusive relationship with nature that will end very badly.

Society is suffering from a kind of stockholm syndrome. Because aging has gained a reputation of being unbeatable, people have learned to be helpless and now they are willing victims of aging. Someone suffering from Stockholm syndrome can develop romantic feelings for their abuser… and this is exactly what we see when it comes to aging. People don’t just accept aging and death, they glorify it, romanticize it, and DEFEND IT. The truth is too painful so we deny our own victimization and pretend that aging is our friend.

But there is a growing movement of people who refuse to be helpless victims. We choose to fight aging and death because we know that being alive is priceless. Join us.

You can help by supporting SENS Foundation and the Transhumanist Party. via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1LEHZzQ


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