July 04, 2015 at 07:59AM

On behalf of Eternal Life Fan Club, I want to wish Zoltan Istvan the best on his campaign trail. Zoltan, thank you for caring about the health of American citizens more than any other politician in history. The primary objective of Zoltan’s Transhumanist Party is to find scientific solutions for aging and death.

Clearly Zoltan is a man with the right priorities. Here’s an excerpt from his latest interview (watch here: https://youtu.be/55PMNs9vAAM)
“I would say the number one goal of transhumanism is to conquer aging and human death… Potentially in 10, 20, 30 years, we might get very close to overcoming biological death… We’re spending literally trillions of dollars on far off wars, so we want to pull back some of the money for far off wars and put it directly into science, education and medicine. My presidential campaign is concerned with the health of the average American citizen.”
– Zoltan Istvan

We are rooting for you Zoltan, and may the fourth be with you! Let’s show Zoltan how much we support him. Leave Zoltan a nice message in the comments and I will make sure he sees this. On this fourth of July, let’s celebrate the FUTURE OF FREEDOM. No one is truly free until we are free from aging and death. via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1faZpYz


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