July 20, 2015 at 01:20PM

Obama is throwing some crumbs to America’s elderly so they can be a little more comfortable as their life is brutally snuffed out.

Obama says “We have to work to do more to ensure that every older American has the resources and the support they need to thrive.”

This might seem like a nice gesture on behalf of Obama but trying to appease the elderly with something other than Indefinite life extension is an insult to elderly everywhere.

Please don’t attempt to placate the elderly with some extra retirement benefits. How will money help them if they die and cease to exist? What our elderly need is the option to stay alive as long as they want.

If our politicians really cared about helping the elderly, they would allocate a few trillion dollars to SENS Foundation. From what I can see, Zoltan Istvan is the only politician who cares about saving old people from the utter horror of involuntary death via aging. Support the Transhumanist Party!

Article Source: http://ift.tt/1ecuSYQ via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1JcAcbS


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