August 27, 2015 at 07:24PM

Death is the big elephant in the room. Thinking about death creates tremendous stress for most people. This is why most people are perfectly willing to embrace any ideology (no matter how delusional) that reduces fear of death.

Death is so horrible that people cannot face it honestly. They must deny the reality of it, or continually distract themselves and avoid thinking about it. This needs to change. Thinking about death and talking about death needs to become mainstream. Death is absolutely the worst enemy of everyone, and you cannot fight the enemy if you’re afraid to even think about it. It’s OK to be afraid. When we admit our fear of death, it gives others permission to admit their fear as well. Our fear of death can save us if we act now. Otherwise, people in the future will look back on us with pity, wondering why we didn’t try harder to save ourselves. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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