September 09, 2015 at 09:23AM

In this photo you can see a living hipster and a dead hipster. The living hipster has a chance to live forever and have fun forever, while the dead hipster has no such chance. In fact, the dead hipster will have NO FUN WHATSOEVER for the rest of eternity!

You may be surprised to hear that the dead hipster was a huge fan of eternal life. He really, really wanted to live forever, but his desire didn’t translate into wise ACTIONS, and for that he failed. Unfortunately, being a fan of something doesn’t mean you will actually succeed in attaining your object of desire. Just as there are many fans of celebrities, only a few of the most hardcore fans actually get to MEET their favorite celebrity. I think it’s a similar thing with eternal life. Eternal life is such a hard goal, that only a few of the most serious fans might actually succeed at living LITERALLY, FOREVER.

The dead hipster didn’t take his eternal life seriously enough. He occasionally smoked and ate junk food, but in the end, he died from AIDS. In many ways he gambled with his own life, but all it takes to fail is ONE gamble… And you don’t know which gamble will be the one that ends you. He lost everything. He’s a loser forever…

Dear eternal life fans, let’s all take a lesson from his death and remember to be serious about our health and safety. If you make one deadly mistake, it’s game over. And once your dead, you can NEVER COME BACK! Don’t mess around with your eternal life! Be one of the rare few that actually wins in the ultimate game of survival.

If you die, you lose. Even a million years is worthless. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a temporary life means anything. Eternity is the only prize that matters… (and yes, eternity IS POSSIBLE. It’s possible because no one can truthfully say that it’s impossible, because no one knows the future. So be encouraged, and WORK FOR YOUR ETERNAL LIFE.)

(Photo courtesy of Endless Eye.) via Eternal Life Fan Club


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