September 11, 2015 at 09:35AM

I’ve been riding on the #ImmortalityBus for about 6 days now and I’ve had lots of extra time to reflect on mortality. The more I think about death, the more certain I am that it sucks more than anything else… Death is the worst failure possible.

The value of being ALIVE is extremely taken for granted by most people. Dear eternal life fans, I hope that you protect your life at all costs and teach other people to do the same, if you really love them, because life is the most precious thing there is…

As a community of people who passionately desire eternal life, we should not become overconfident that Indefinite life extension will be achieved in our lifetime. We all must work hard to ensure that it does, otherwise we could all fail. Immortality is something that is never a certain thing, and that should put the fear of death into all of us. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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