September 16, 2015 at 08:20AM

Right now we live in a system of death positivity. Most religions preach that death is GOOD because it ushers you into the “next life”…. How do they know this? They DON’T KNOW, but they PRETEND to know because it makes them happy.

Most atheists also have many positive things to say about death. For the atheist, death is non-existence, but this prospect doesn’t seem to bother the vast majority of atheists (at least, it doesn’t bother them very much, or they’re even HAPPY about death, assuming they’re being honest).

So why do most people feel the need to rationalize death and even say it’s good, when death is so obviously BAD? I think all the positive talk about death is the result of self-deception — people are very good at fooling themselves.

Death positivilty is essentially a psychological shield against the horror of death and oblivion. People simply cannot handle the reality that death destroys everything and makes life meaningless, so they endorse death as a way to cope with it. For the most part, the human psyche tries to avoid suffering, even at the expense of truth. If people are forced into a bad situation and they feel stuck (aging and death for example), most will eventually attempt to justify and speak positively about the bad situation. This is a classic coping mechanism. In the case of humanity’s reaction to death, I would compare it to a mass Stockholm syndrome.

If you dare to speak negatively about death, you threaten the system — the mass coping mechanism that is death acceptance. We destroy their peace of mind which they had gained by denying the truth about death. Here we are, saying the unthinkable…. Death will rob them of EVERYTHING they ever had. People don’t want to hear that!!! They’d much rather stick their head in the sand, or in the clouds, and say that death is beautiful!

People HATE to think about death honesty, because then they would start to FEAR it. And people hate to live in fear. What most people prefer is blissful ignorance and delusions that give them comfort. But fear is the main emotion of survival. If your fear is blocked by coping mechanisms and delusional thinking, your ability to survive is weakened. And collectively, we are all more likely to be killed by aging because of this mass ignorance and denial that surrounds us.

So if you really love people, you would try to dismantle their “death positivity”…. Anyone that thinks positively about death is completely deluded and needs a rude awakening. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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