September 16, 2015 at 05:09PM

Maria Konovalenko’s last post was so perfect that I have to share it here:

“Everything that we do, we do before the face of death. How full and interesting our life is, matters only here and now. At some point of time, though, it won’t matter a thing. When we die, everything will lose its sense for us. We will cease to exist. Death is the most important event in a person’s life. Unfortunately, it is a very bad event. It means complete defeat.

People tend to entertain the illusion that the descendants won’t forget them. First of all, they will, and secondly, so what?

So what if people remember some writer, artist or a tyrant. It’s merely an image in the mind. The person is long gone and it doesn’t matter for him or her whether they are remembered. They are simply nothing.

Making death heroic and sacred is an absolute self-deceit and an attempt to justify the meaningless end.

Only immortality makes sense. All other goals are insignificant compared to it.” via Eternal Life Fan Club


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