September 16, 2015 at 08:50PM

Are you ready to facepalm? Check out the following 5 excerpts from this pro-death / pro-aging article (my comments included)

Full article here:

1) “It is the impossible wish that mankind has long yearned for – but now a growing movement is claiming that living forever might not actually be a good thing, and could do harm to us and the planet.”//

Hmm, does this growing movement of people not care about the HARM that is being done to 100,000 elderly who suffer and die each day as a result of aging?

If this movement of people is AGAINST humans living forever, then they are automatically FOR the involuntary death of innocent people. Either people can voluntarily decide to die, or they are forced to die by humans or nature. I think involuntary death of any sort is pure evil. The most basic and fundamental right is the right to LIVE. Death should therefore be optional and everyone should be allowed to live forever!

2) “Philosophers, economists and commentators have claimed that with more people around there will be stiffer competition for resources like water or oil.”//

Excuse me, but even if that potential problem is true, how is that a BIGGER PROBLEM than the suffering and death that aging causes? I would suggest taking a visit to your local nursing home and graveyard. Also, the author is not accounting for the technological advancements that will likely be available in the future, which will most likely solve most problems which stem from a scarcity of resources. For example, more desalinization plants could solve water shortages and solar energy could replace the need for oil.

3) “There would also be huge strains on health care and families would change forever – with several generations around at the same time.”//

Huge strains on health care? This person clearly doesn’t understand the situation. It is AGING that causes the vast majority of healthcare costs. If aging was cured, that would free up an enormous amount of resources.

Also, I think it would be cool to know my great great great great great great grandchildren! It sure beats rotting in the ground!

4) “Some also argue that old age allows us to slowly ‘let go’ of a loved one instead of having them disappear from our lives abruptly.”//

WOW, that is a sick and twisted justification to let people get old and die. If we cured aging, then we would NEVER have to let go of the people we love, unless they CHOOSE to die.

5) “And were life spans to extend into the hundreds of years it could mean the world’s population doubling or even quadrupling.”//

I’d rather live on a crowded planet than not live at all! Besides, the problems of overpopulation will be solved with future technologies. We’ll be colonizing other planets before you know it. The obvious moral and ethical thing to do is to give as many people as possible the OPTION to stay alive for as long as they want. Anyone that is against giving people the option of Indefinite life extension is FOR INVOLUNTARY DEATH, and that is absurdly evil. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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