October 01, 2015 at 03:45PM

Let’s take rock climbing as a metaphor for the struggle for eternal life. Just as a rock climber does not know for absolute certain that they will reach the top of the cliff, I believe that anyone who claims to know for certain that they will live forever is only fooling themselves.

It’s a beautiful thing to have immortality as your top goal. But immortality is a GOAL. It’s something that eternal life fans should be working towards, not something that we claim to HAVE already. To say we have immortality is to imply that failure (death) is impossible. Anyone who says that it’s impossible for them to die is being way too presumptuous and overconfident.

Instead, we should admit that we might fail, and let the possibility of failure be a MOTIVATION for us to succeed.

Some transhumanists make claims that quantum archaeology is certainly going to resurrect them eventually. Religious people make claims that they have a spiritual soul that will certainly live forever in an afterlife. Then there are new age thinkers who insist that through the law of attraction and positive thinking, they know they will escape death. PEOPLE WANT CERTAINTY, but certainty is not realistic.

An attitude of certainty is not helpful, nor is it honest. How can anyone KNOW FOR SURE that they will live forever?

People who make such claims of certainly have left the realm of reason. They are in essence claiming to KNOW THE FUTURE, which is just plain silly. It’s very similar to people who say they know they’re going to heaven when they die. Reasonable people scoff at their false certainty because we understand that some things are impossible to know…. I would say that the question of whether or not a person will get eternal life falls in that category of unknowable information.

Yes, a feeling of uncertainty is very scary, but we must avoid the temptation to delude ourselves into a position of certainty… In terms of survival, isn’t it much better to feel insecure and have the fear of death at all times? This way you will not get careless, but will stay careful, and always be in a state of striving for your survival.

My advice: Beware — your mindset can make you or break you. Keep fear close at all times because these positive thinkers are unlikely to resurrect you if you die. via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1L7KKth


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