October 03, 2015 at 11:49AM

Our desire for eternal life should be so strong that we will not accept failure…. DEATH IS FAILURE. Anyone who accepts death does not understand the true value of life. Whoever you are, I want you to understand that your life is PRICELESS. If you love your life, then you should be willing to do WHATEVER it takes to live forever!

Never forget that our future is pliable. The future will bend whichever way we make it bend. We are surrounded by people that preach death and promote death. Maybe death is their destiny but it doesn’t have to be ours. Maybe you are really sick and the doctors have told you that your situation is hopeless. But there is always a way out. There is always an escape from death if you look hard enough. NEVER ACCEPT A DEATH SENTENCE.

The human being is way too magnificent and special to become compost. Let’s escape this prison of death and reach for IMMORTALITY! via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1LanqLD


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