October 14, 2015 at 10:31AM

Over the last few years, Zoltan Istvan has become one of the most recognizable figures in the transhumanist movement. He is the man behind the creation of the Immortality Bus, and through his many articles Zoltan has rapidly spread transhumanist ideas into mainstream culture. Most importantly, Zoltan has gained massive publicity for the cause of Indefinite life extension in a short period of time. 100,000 people die from aging every day and Zoltan wants to change this as soon as possible by making aging and death optional rather than mandatory.

Using his campaign to spread a techno-optimistic message of radical life extension, Zoltan has high hopes for the goal of defeating old age and death. If he were to take office, Zoltan says he would put at least a trillion dollars towards anti-aging research immediately.

Zoltan knows he won’t be president this time around, but his efforts are still helping the ultimate goal of transhumanism — to conquer death.

Zoltan describes what he hopes to achieve with his presidential campaign: “Eventually, such action will change culture and society towards giving more money to the scientists that want to accomplish transhuman aims, like overcoming death.”

His work could literally SAVE OUR LIFE by promoting these ideas and uniting people under the banner of wanting to defeat the coffin with science and technology. Once the public embraces life extension science, the end of aging could happen sooner than you might think. It is my sincere option that every transhumanist and eternal life fan should be very grateful to Zoltan.

Let’s face it. Every eternal life fan is in trouble. We are desperate for someone like Zoltan to speed progress in life-saving science and technology by whatever means necessary. Time is what we don’t have, so let’s support the man who is making huge strides for transhumanism!

“The human being is not a coffin.” – Zoltan Istvan

We stand with Zoltan Istvan and the Transhumanist Party! We stand for LIFE.

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