October 15, 2015 at 10:35AM

This is the truth. If you die, then the life you lived was irrelevant. What’s the point of living a temporary life that eventually ends? It’s tragic and meaningless!!! The desire for eternal life is simple and easy to grasp. We love LIVING and we despise DEATH!

Zoltan Istvan is the only presidential candidate that wants to save us all from a horrible ending of aging and death. He wants to give us the eternal life that we desire — to make death optional. Personally, I wouldn’t trust any politician that is OK with dying. If someone is OK with dying, then they will likely be OK with ME DYING! I think the desire for self-preservation is the first sign of having intelligence and morals.

In conclusion:
Life is too beautiful to die and we DON’T HAVE TO DIE if we build the Transhumanist Party into a global government that prioritizes human survival above all else.

Why should we have global government you ask? Besides aging, another huge threat to our survival is war between nations. If the nations could merge together, then there would be no more reason for wars. We could have peace on earth in a techno-utopia with free life-extension for every citizen of the planet.

The role of government should be to protect the life of the citizens before anything else. We are all citizens of the planet and we all deserve health and safety. This is why the majority of government money should be spent on Indefinite life extension research, and on reducing existential threats.

Many people believe in an afterlife. For these people, focusing on physical survival seems unimportant. But they should know that God might not exist. God is hypothetical, but technology is very real. Transhumanism is the real salvation from death. Science CAN DEFEAT the Coffin!

http://ift.tt/1ZGfGY4 via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1k7RoFQ


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