October 23, 2015 at 09:13AM

I loved The Martian because I love movies with a prevailing theme of survival. I can always relate to such films because life is a struggle for survival!

Reflect for a moment on your life. Do you understand that everything becomes meaningless for you — if YOU don’t exist? All your successes and goals in life are worthless if you fail to live forever. If you die, then the life you lived and the manner in which you lived becomes obsolete. Death therefore is the ULTIMATE FAILURE.

If you want to help your chances of living forever, then you should cultivate your survival instinct until it towers far above all your other instincts. Our survival instinct is what compels us to live a calculated and cautious lifestyle, which is essential.

Most philosophers have wrongfully vilified fear. The survival instinct and fear go hand in hand. If you try to bypass fear, your chances of surviving will be greatly reduced. People who proclaim themselves as being “fearless” usually live a dangerous lifestyle.

Fear is the beginning of WISDOM! The fear of death is a perfect foundation for building an intelligent life philosophy. Having a fear of death means that you must really LOVE LIFE so do not be ashamed to admit that you fear death. The fear of death will help you to NOT DIE, and not dying is the greatest thing you could ever accomplish. via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/1KtWSQq


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