November 03, 2015 at 12:32PM

“For the first moment in history we are changing the way living things relate to time.” – Laura Deming

The progression of time cannot be stopped but aging and death CAN BE STOPPED! As the situation currently stands, our bodies slowly accumulate damage over the years… Right now, time is the enemy because time will eventually kill us, but this doesn’t have to be our fate! Doctors and scientists are working to develop powerful medicine to repair all age-related damage and thereby grant us Indefinite life extension. SENS Foundation is currently the leading organization that is conducting research and finding solutions for aging, but they need a lot more funding ( Spread the word eternal life fans! We can make the difference. Using science and technology, we can create a world where death is OPTIONAL…. And as far as that option is concerned, I’ve already made up my mind. How about you? #thefutureisnow via Eternal Life Fan Club


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