November 06, 2015 at 10:17AM

Life is absolutely terrifying because dying is a very real possibility. While growing up, we see many old people, attend some funerals, and we soon learn that we are fated for suffering and extermination. Because of AGING, we are born on DEATH ROW in the prison of nature! All of us are facing the possibility of permanent annihilation. How could this NOT be terrifying? I’ll tell you how — religion, delusional thinking, and many other coping mechanisms are effective ways of nullifying this natural terror of death. Most people have constructed a worldview in which their success (eternal life) is inevitable. Take Christianity for instance. Most Christians think their own success (salvation and eternal life) is guaranteed to them. This is wishful thinking to the highest degree. They don’t admit the possibility that they might be wrong about God, in which case, they would die and cease to exist forever. This possibility is too discouraging for them to even consider, so they would much rather live with a delusional expectation of heaven without having to fear death.

OR, in the case of most secular people, they have distorted what success is, so that they FEEL like they are successful in spite of death (the many forms of symbolic immortality).

But the wisest people understand that the ONLY way to succeed is to live forever…. Your achievements, your meaning, your purpose, your wealth, your relationships, your humanitarian efforts, your entire life — all become obsolete the moment you die.

If we want to succeed at living forever, we must first admit the distressing situation we are in, so that we can be roused to anger as warriors in battle. This is a war against death itself, and eternal life fans should be totally focused and engaged in the battle for their own existence. Concentrate on your survival. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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