December 28, 2015 at 03:36PM

The bad news: Aging is killing us!
The good news: Aging is curable!

Sometimes the truth is ridiculously SIMPLE. Life is good. Death is bad. Aging leads to death, therefore, aging is bad.

But some would ask, “Why is death bad?” The reason is so painfully obvious that no one should have to explain it, but allow me to be captain obvious. Death removes our ability to have fun. Death renders life meaningless. Why do anything, or accomplish anything, if you have to eventually die? Death robs us of EVERYTHING! Of course death is BAD — it’s the WORST THING EVER.

But most people have been brainwashed to accept death on the premise of an afterlife, or the silly idea of “leaving a legacy”. But obviously, leaving a legacy is worthless to the individual who dies, and the afterlife is very very VERY UNLIKELY. The real solution for death is NOT DYING — EVER. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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