The Major Mouse Testing Program |

Are you excited about the new research in senolytics?

The accumulation of damaged cells has been identified as one of the causes of aging, and scientists are studying two substances that might one day be used to help remove these damaged cells. Mouse testing is being called for, major mouse testing, and a crowdfunding project has been launched on to fund it.

Back in October SENS was the first to launch a project on, and successfully raised $46,128 to fund the Mitochondrial Repair Project, another project that aims to tackle a cause of aging and death. 400 people backed the project. So far, over 300 have backed the Major Mouse Testing Project, and only $10,000 more is needed. 15 days remain, so spread the word if you want to make sure they are funded.

The first substance is quercetin, not a drug, but actually a flavonoid that occurs naturally in food. It has been used for years as a supplement, and those with food sensitivities rave about it, often using it in combination with vitamin C. We need to understand better what it is doing in the body, and how we can get the most out of it. The other substance is dasatinib, which is a chemical used in treating cancers. Like similar cancer-fighting chemicals, it is chlorine-containing. But what is it doing in the body to make it effective against cancer, and how does quercetin interact with it, that this combo might be an effective anti-aging treatment?

If you are interested in learning more or helping to fund the project, visit the page.


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