July 26, 2016 at 02:25PM

My worst fear is the endless oblivion of death. I absolutely fear death….because I love life so much.

I have extra love and respect for those who fear death. I also have more trust for those who fear death because they are generally more cautious and aware of danger. I think those who fear death also tend to view life as being more sacred than those who lack fear.

So much evil in this world is caused by fearless people. These fearless people are often the most dangerous people because they have no fear of consequences or retaliation for their evil deeds. Without fear of death you are free and unrestrained to fulfill all your evil desires. This is why I am more cautious of anyone who says they have no fear of death.

Conversely, people who fear death the most would never dream of doing evil, because doing evil could have fatal repercussions. This is why fear of death is a powerful restraint from all evil. Being evil is dangerous and potentially deadly for the evildoer. Fear of death compels people to behave lawfully and morally for the sake of their own self-interest. How beautiful is that? via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/2av7833


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