August 17, 2016 at 04:27PM

When someone is making arguments against indefinite life extension, they are essentially saying that old people should be condemned to die. They are ageist! Everyone against indefinite life extension is being very EVIL when you think about it! We need to develop the cure for aging regardless of the hypothetical social problems that may arise. This is clearly the ethical choice for humanity.

The most evil argument I’ve heard against indefinite life extension goes something like this: “BUT OLD PEOPLE NEED TO DIE TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF KIDS”…

People who use this argument are actually saying that the lives of old people are LESS IMPORTANT than the lives of unborn people who don’t even exist yet. How sick and twisted is that line of thinking?

The reasonable solution for overpopulation is simply to stop having children!

The people who are already alive on this earth are infinitely more valuable than unborn people. Forcing people to die from old age just to make room for more children is complete insanity! via Eternal Life Fan Club


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