September 20, 2016 at 04:06PM

BE HAPPY because eternal life is possible!

We must never lose hope that living forever is possible because HOPE is what motivates us to keep moving forward.

But always remember that hope is nothing like certainty. Eternal Life is a very uncertain thing. The certainty that some people claim to have is delusional because they cannot know the future.

Being unsure if I will succeed at living forever is very scary. I know many of you feel this same fear. Well, make no apologies. The fear of death is the most rational of all fears. The fear of death is proof that we love life. But the people who love life the most will transform their fear of death into wise actions. Your chance of living forever boils down to your actions. Having the right philosophy and mindset is just a stepping stone to having the right ACTIONS.

One action that will increase your odds of living forever is making regular donations to SENS Foundation so that Indefinite life extension arrives faster!!! via Eternal Life Fan Club


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