September 25, 2016 at 05:14PM

Mass immigration from the Middle East is bringing terrorism and crime into European civilization. This is BAD NEWS for anyone who is trying to live forever. Such chaos is bound to slow down progress in life extension research. People are rightly terrified of being raped or killed as their culture is being destroyed. In such a condition, they won’t care about making donations to SENS Foundation.

As long as Governments continue to jeopardize the safety of their own citizens with careless immigration policies and open boarders, we must speak out and protest against this callous disregard for the native population of Europe and America.

Instead of inviting millions of refugees to live in Europe and America, why not set up refugee camps IN THE MIDDLE EAST? We should keep these people SEPARATE from our society while providing temporary refuge near their own homeland. Highly selective limited immigration, extreme vetting and boarder security are things that will greatly benefit eternal life fans.

We need to admit that European civilization has created something VERY SPECIAL that must be protected — especially if we want to live forever in peace and safety. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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