October 07, 2016 at 03:26PM

If living forever physically is not your goal, then you lack the most important kind of intelligence.

There are many kinds of intelligence but having the desire and ability to survive forever is the most important of all.

Those who fail to achieve this goal of eternal life are truly losers. I tell you this because it’s the honest truth and because I don’t want you to lose like so many have.

If we want to live forever, we need to pinpoint all the ideas that work against our survival. We need to understand that most philosophers, and so-called intellectuals have failed to recognize that death renders life meaningless. They have failed to understand the necessity of living forever. Philosophy, knowledge and every other aspect of life is pointless if we fail to live forever. A good philosopher must have this as his/her core premise.

If we are to succeed at eternal life, we need to have the mindset of strict perfectionism because eternity is a long time and a lot could go wrong. What I’m talking about is Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong, WILL GO WRONG. Therefore, we must plan our life so that nothing can go wrong.

Obviously our life must entail SOME risk because the world is far from a Utopia and most of us lack the financial resources to afford impenetrable home security systems, death-proof cars, etc. But we must do our best to minimize risk given what we have available to us.

Aging is currently the number one risk factor we all face. We must work to cure aging as soon as possible. If we live cautiously but we still die from aging, then it would all be for nothing. But there’s no way in hell I’m going to sit by and watch myself grow old and die. How about you?

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