October 08, 2016 at 02:26PM

Hank Green enters the Eternal Life Blasphemy Hall of Shame!

His logic is insane. Death is not remotely comparable to any other part of the “life cycle”…. Most parts of the “life cycle” are about growing and evolving, which is good. Death is distinctly different because death entails annihilation of the individual. In no way is this positive. Death is horrendous and anyone trying to romanticize or rationalize death is either deluded or evil. The “life cycle” as Hank puts it, is really the death cycle and the completion of this cycle renders our life meaningless.

Hank also exposed himself as a small-minded fatalist by saying “We KNOW that death is going to happen to everyone”… That’s NOT SO Hank! We don’t KNOW that everyone is going to die. Some of us actually might live forever if we try hard enough. The first step is believing that living forever is possible!!!

Hank Green’s Deathist Quote:
“We know that death is going to happen to everyone and we also know that it’s a part of the life cycle and we don’t see any other part of that cycle as being bad.”
– Hank Green via Eternal Life Fan Club http://ift.tt/2dJwED2


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