November 26, 2016 at 03:24PM

Dear eternal life fans. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that living forever is possible. The bad news is that living forever is a very hard goal. We should not underestimate how difficult this goal is. People are dying left and right every day. If we’re not extremely careful, we could become just another dead loser.

I urge everyone to live as safely as possible. Take extremely good care of your health. There are no second chances. Don’t follow the herd of morons that risk their life with careless behaviors.

Most people take comfort in the possibility of an afterlife, but that is highly unlikely. There is probably no God protecting us. Welcome to the painful truth of existence. We are hanging on the edge of oblivion. Everything we worked for could be taken from us in an instant.

Save yourself. Protect your own life above all else. If you die, you get nothing…YOU LOSE. We must find a way to stop aging. We must find new ways to help fund SENS Foundation. Aging will KILL US unless we act fast. Please message me if you have any ideas.

And don’t pretend that life is meaningful even if you end up dead. A temporary existence is meaningless…It’s sound and fury, signifying nothing. We need to live forever or else everything is meaningless and pointless. via Eternal Life Fan Club


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